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If you want to learn how to make healthy vegan food, how to recycle your household waste, what the success stories of successful photography are and what you need to decorate your home and environment with your own design textiles, just want to drink some good coffee and eat something delicious, or you might be looking for an event venue, pop in and visit us at Szeglet, and join our community workshops! 

We welcome our guests, professionals and interested adults who wish to help people with disabilities and participate in the awareness-raising programs of Salva Vita Foundation!

With diverse programs, community events and creative workshops we are waiting for our guests at Szeglet Community Space!

textile manufacture
Máté Czabán
Tunki - Tunki
vegan sandwich creams and sauces

Creative Workshops

This is one thing Tunki prepares in Szeglet!

#Rooms to rent

Our 74 square meter event hall are divided into two parts. The large hall (48 square meters) and the small hall (26 square meters) can be rented together and separately. Projectors, laptops, loudspeakers are provided on request, and chairs, tables and accessories (rugs, bean bags) are available for 70-80 people. We can also adapt the opening hours of the Café (Mon-Fri: 10-18, Sat: 10-16, Sun: 10-14) to the event timeline and provide on-site photography, catering and other services. The venue is accessible. Tariffs are agreed on the basis of individual price negotiation.


Further information: Rita Harangi, +36203998131,

#Shop with Heart

Within the framework of Shop with Heart Programme, Salva Vita Foundation encourages designers to design and develop new products that can be manufactured in social workshops, and workplaces for people with disabilities. The finished products are currently sold by the Foundation in a webshop and will also be sold by Szeglet in the Community Space, hopefully from autumn 2019.

Shop with Heart - Salva Vita Foundation

1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 13. III./3.

Tel.: +36-70-4524071,

Béni Rita (program manager)

Shop with Heart Webshop & Product Pickup

Szeglet Cafe & Community Space

1116 Budapest, Albertfalva u. 3.

Tel.: +36-70-4524063,

Várszegi Olívia (webshop manager)

Salva Vita Foundation

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