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If you want to learn how to make healthy vegan food, how to recycle your household waste, what the success stories of successful photography are and what you need to decorate your home and environment with your own design textiles, just want to drink some good coffee and eat something delicious, or you might be looking for an event venue, pop in and visit us at Szeglet, and join our community workshops! 

We welcome our guests, professionals and interested adults who wish to help people with disabilities and participate in the awareness-raising programs of Salva Vita Foundation!

With diverse programs, community events and creative workshops we are waiting for our guests at Szeglet Community Space!


The former Pharmacy has been empty in Albertfalva Street in Budapest for years. At Christmas 2017, the Salva Vita Foundation received good news that its application had won the generous support of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS in Denmark. The Foundation purchased the property from the tender source in the spring of 2018 to create a new community and creative space where it will also implement training and employment for people with disabilities. The dreamers of Szeglet Community Space are Szilvia Heidl (Salva Vita Foundation) and Kinga Wertheimer (Tunki-Tunki), who soon found each other in realizing their plans to create a diverse creative community. Learn the story of their meeting, here! The members of the Szeglet Community Space creative group are the employees of the Salva Vita Foundation and five young entrepreneurs who, in addition to their expertise, also contribute to the operation of the house by founding new companies. In the Szeglet Community Space, in the form of community workshops, the production of vegan food, textile design, recycling of waste materials, and the production and processing of digital photos and videos take place with the participation of employees with disabilities. The house also has a good family-friendly café, workshop venues and an event hall, where we are waiting for those interested with further trainings, events, professional and community programs!

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Creative Workshops

#Rooms to rent

Our 74 square meter event hall are divided into two parts. The large hall (48 square meters) and the small hall (26 square meters) can be rented together and separately. Projectors, laptops, loudspeakers are provided on request, and chairs, tables and accessories (rugs, bean bags) are available for 70-80 people. We can also adapt the opening hours of the Café (Mon-Fri: 10-18, Sat: 10-16, Sun: 10-14) to the event timeline and provide on-site photography, catering and other services. The venue is accessible. Tariffs are agreed on the basis of individual price negotiation.


Further information: Várszegi Olívia, +36309152889,

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