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Our Story

In the 11th district of Budapest, on the Albertfalva street, the building that once accommodated the Borostyán Pharmacy had been standing empty for years. This changed forever during Christmas of 2017. This was the time when the Salva Vita Foundation received the great news about the successfully approved application, winning the funds of the Danish Velux Foundations. This enabled Salva Vita to purchase the property in the spring of 2018. With their collaboration the Szeglet Community- and Experimental center was born. The main concept of Szeglet is to establish a 21st century fitting, diverse and inclusive space in Budapest, that plays a determining role in societal and equality questions besides the business principles.

The foundation’s headquarters was based in the building along these lines.

The Salva Vita Foundation has been supporting job-seeking candidates with disabilities for 30 years now. The foundation provides guidance on taking up employment positions on the open labor market. The particular mission of Salva Vita is to support the establishment and sustaining of independent living for its customers. In the beginning, the building served as a location for small businesses, that also employed people with alternated working abilities. For instance, the building accommodated organizations such as the Tunki-tunki vegan dip manufacturer, a photo studio, a recycling workshop, a textile press, and a café.




Unfortunately, the initial joy didn’t last long, since few months after the opening, our organization was forced to close due to the covid pandemic restrictions. Majority of our original manufacture did not survive this closure period. Therefore, after reopening it was also necessary to re-evaluate the main concept, adapting to the altered conditions. This was the time when the current operating vision of Szeglet was born. It states that besides the foundation’s own events and 2 small businesses, mainly corporate and private events, workshops, trainings, smaller weddings, and other programs are accommodated here.


Our experimental suite is much more than four walls, more than just a reliable hotel lodge. It is rather something that has a meaningful history, a background, which allows you to support a charitable, worthy cause. The total revenue above the maintenance costs supports the efforts of the Salva Vita Foundation.

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