The former Borostyán Pharmacy was empty for years in Albertfalva Street, in Budapest. At Christmas 2017, Salva Vita Foundation received a joyful announcement of the generous support of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS. In the spring of 2018, the Foundation purchased the property to create a new community and creativity space, which also implements training and employment of people with disabilities. Founders of Szeglet Community Space are Szilvia Heidl (Salva Vita Foundation) and Wertheimer Kinga (Tunki-Tunki), who soon found each other in the realization of their plans to create a living and diverse creative community. Get to know their story here.
Members of Szeglet Community Space team are partly the employees of the Salva Vita Foundation and partly start-up companies, five young entrepreneurs who, in addition to their expertise, contribute to the operation of the house by setting up new businesses there. Services offered at Szeglet will include vegan food production, textile design, recycling of waste materials, digital photo and video recording and processing, and all activities will be performed with the participation of disabled workers. In Szeglet Community Space there is also a community café and a 100-seat event room, where various events and community programs can be organised.

Rita Harangi
  • Salva Vita Alapítvány

Rita is responsible for organizing events in Szeglet Community Space. She is a strong supporter of people with disabilities. Her role is a key in the Szeglet team. She is an enthusiastic cyclist, the dreamer of Bringino. 

Salva Vita Foundation
Nóra Czoboly
  • Salva Vita Alapítvány

Nóra, as a member of Salva Vita Foundation, is the leader of the Szeglet project, which is the result of a grant from THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS. Her task is to manage the complete proccess of renovating the house and to create the necessary conditions for its operation and work processes.

Szeglet Cafe
Olívia Várszegi
  • Szeglet Kávézó

According to Olivia's plans, Szeglet’s family-friendly café will not only be a place where you can drink good coffee, but it is also going to be a place to find a variety of seasonal programs. Individuals, families, friends and working teams are invited to come to the café to spend a quiet half an hour, chat or play board games. Olívia is managing the e-commerce services of the Shop with Heart program.

Salva Vita Foundation
Katalin Vég
  • Salva Vita Alapítvány

Kati is Executive Director of the Salva Vita Foundation, whose work hard to manage tasks related to application proccess of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS.

Kinga Weirtheimer
  • Tunki-tunki

Kinga is a community workshop thinker and head of Tunki-tunki. Vegan and all-in-one dips, sandwiches, cooking sauces are being prepared in her new business.

Máté Czabán
  • Czabán Máté

As a photographer, Maté follows and documented the creation of the house from the first moment. He has experience in many areas of professional photography. Beautiful pictures enrich his portfolio of buildings, events, people. Visit his website and Instagram webpage.

Szita textile manufacture
Nikolett Vörös
  • Szita

At Niki's Textile Workshop, a special textile printing machine will be available to create beautiful, custom-designed textiles.

Rework recycling workshop
Orsolya Dzuris
  • Rework

Orsi recycles and uses waste materials to create items that can be used well at home or in a work environment.

Salva Vita Foundation

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