Call for proposals for the Print with Venus textile printing workshop to submit creative works for preschool and primary school children.


The Print with Venus textile printing workshop found a home in the SZEGLET Café and Community Space, along with four other start-ups, complementing and helping each other with colleagues with altered working abilities. As a committed supporter of social responsibility and sensitization, we are announcing a drawing competition for preschool and lower school children with the sign “Together”, offering children creative and fun activities during the summer break.


Task description
Sign: “Together”

What comes to mind when you hear the word “together”?
Playing together with mom / dad / sibling / pet? With whom, with whom do you like to spend your free time together? Do you have an ally? Someone with whom you can cope with everything, arm in shoulder, shoulder together, united force?
Draw for us what you think! Unleash your imagination!
Good advice: your drawing will look much better on your t-shirt if you work with a ballpoint pen, jelly pen, or felt-tip pen. Don't be afraid of colors!


Range of applicants
Age group 1: preschoolers
Age group 2: students aged 6-10

In the judging, we judge in the following categories: preschool children, children of lower grades.

Members of the professional jury: Ágnes Balogh, Gyula Németh.
The submitted drawings will be published on the Instagram and Facebook pages of Print with Venus, as well as on the Instagram and Facebook pages of SZEGLET Café and Community Space. The audience winner will be the drawing they will like the most on social media.


A t-shirt or canvas bag (gym bag) with your own drawing on it.


Evaluation criteria
The evaluation criteria are the originality of the message, the quality of the elaboration.


Submission of an application
Please send us a good quality color photo of the finished drawing by email (
- name
- age
- email address in use (for notification)
- name of settlement
We would like to organize an exhibition of the completed drawings in the SZEGLET Café and Community Square.


If you would like someone else to see your drawing in paper format, please send it to us at the following address: SZEGLET Café and Community Square, Budapest, 1116, Fehérvári út 205.
Of course you can bring it to us in person! We will be very happy for you and we will be happy to show you the machine as well, which will help us to get the drawings on the t-shirts.


Deadline for submission of applications


Use of entries
By submitting their drawing, applicants agree to its subsequent publication in digital or printed form free of charge. The applicant declares that he is the author of the photo he has submitted and therefore has the right to publish it. The copyright remains with the creator of the drawing. The submitter guarantees the authenticity of the drawing. We reserve the right to make changes to the program (until the deadline for submission).
The Organizer will treat all personal data that comes to its knowledge during the drawing competition as confidential and in accordance with the applicable data protection rules.


Contact details of the Organizer:
Facebook, Instagram: Print with Venus


We are very pleased to welcome such highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals to the jury in the person of Ágnes Balogh and Gyula Németh. We are grateful to them for accepting our invitation. In order for you to get to know them better, we asked them for a brief introduction. You can read their lines below:


Ágnes Balogh
I taught for 20 years in elementary school, first as a teacher and then as a senior drawing teacher. Later, as an entrepreneur, I worked in a design studio and then in the archives of one of the magazine publishers until retirement. Meanwhile, for 22 years, I volunteered at the community house of my residence as a secretary, organizer of children’s and cultural programs.
I am glad to be invited to see the imagination of today’s kids in this competition!

Gyula Németh
I continued my higher education at the mathematics drawing of the Gyula Juhász Teacher Training College in Szeged, and then at the art teacher department of the College of Fine Arts. I consider József Fodor, József Németh and Árpád Szabados as my masters and helpers. I am a member of the National Association of Hungarian Creators and the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists. In 1992 I won the Gyula Derkovits Scholarship.
I had solo exhibitions:
Földeák (1976), Hódmezővásárhely (1987), Szeged (1982), Szarvas (1984), Monor (1989), Pécel (1989, 1991), Gödöllő (1992)
Abroad: Yugoslavia; In Pančevo (1984), the Netherlands; Wageningenben (1992) Austria, Mistellbach 2009.
Group exhibitions: Hódmezővásárhely, Szeged, Nagykáta, Szigetszentmiklós, Monor, Esztergom, Ajka, Pécel, Győr, Debrecen, Veszprém, Miskolc and several times in Budapest. Abroad: Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Finland, Germany, Austria.


We wish good luck to all applicants!


Salva Vita Foundation

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